National provider: 206 service location Previous

National provider: 206 service location Previous

Dedicated doctors, patient-centred care

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Dedicated doctors, patient-centred care

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Dedicated doctors, patient-centred care

Complex company solutions: Optimum Examination Package and cooperation with Premium Health Insurance

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Swiss Medical Services is one of the leading Occupational Health Care Providers in Hungary. Hungarian law* states that an employer must provide occupational health care for their employees. We provide Occupational Health Care according to Government Regulation**. We use a standardized medical information system in our countrywide network of 138 offices. The examinations are based on elaborate protocols and the data are stored in the central electronic database.

We maintain regular contact and constant review of our processes in order to meet all the needs of our partner companies.

With our mobile screening ambulance car we can perform the examinations at any of the location points of the country. According to the needs of our customers we recommend  additional occupational health examinations,  organize company health programs, campaign screenings and vaccinations. We cooperate with our multinational partner companies in developing their international health standards.

ISO 9001:2009 standards ensure  the quality of our service.

If you wish to request an offer or acquire  more information, please contact our colleagues!

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Occupational Health

Care Surgeries

We provide care in all of our partner's Budapest-based open occupational healthcare clinics. Click here for our clinic locations.


Budapest Medical


Swiss Medical operates several medical offices in Budapest to offer the highest care. Click here to see the contact information.


Corporate Health Promotion


Regular and effective screenings can save lives! Most serious diseases can be prevented or treated by early diagnosis, regular control, lifestyle changes and targeted therapy. Our team of doctors offer tailor made screening protocols according to gender and age.

Mobile surgeries

With our mobile outpatient care unit, we can manage medical support all over the country

Medical support for family days, events, sport days

With our mobile outpatient care unit, we can manage medical support for family days, team buildings and sports events, festivals, concerts and corporate events. The success of an event depends on the perfect concordance between organization and execution. In addition to the proper venue, programmes and a flawless culinary experience, auxiliary services also add to an event’s success.

On-site screenings

We operate corporate on-site medical offices and we organize health screenings on company premises.

Occupational Health Care

First Aid Trainings

First Aid Trainings The course is in compliance with the regulation of the joint decree of 3/2002 (II.8) SZCSM-EüM. The length of the course is 4 hours, consisting of 2 hours theoretical and 2 hours practical training. In the practical part of the training the resuscitation methods, wound dressing and the defibrillator use is introduced. After the course participants will take a test and the persons completing the test successfully, will receive a certification of participation. Both beginner and repetitive courses are available.