Surgical operations

One-day surgery

One-day surgeries are procedures in which the patient can leave on their own feet within 24 hours after surgery. With these types of interventions, the patient is exposed to less strain so he can leave safely with an attendant. Full recovery takes place in a home environment. A specialist examination is definitely needed before the surgery. The patient will receive detailed information about the surgery and other necessary additional tests from the specialist.


Rosalina D. Williamson


Surgical operations

Before the surgery

PCR Covid test – HUF 16,500 (The COVID test is performed in accordance with legal regulations. If you perform the examination at Swiss Medical Service Kft. You can book an appointment on + 36 1 225 0566.)

Histological examination – HUF 12,000/sample (If necessary, HUF 12,000 per sample, the fee of which will be invoiced after the dressing is changed.)

Because these interventions take place under anaesthesia (narcosis), the following examinations are needed:

Laboratory package required for anaesthesia – HUF 26,360

Resting ECG with analysis – HUF 6,000

Chest X-ray, two-direction scan – HUF 17,000

COVID test before surgery (Antigen rapid test) – HUF 7,000

Anaesthesiology examination before surgery – HUF 10,000

After the surgery

Wound dressing replacement – HUF 10,000

Suture removal – HUF 10,000

We would like to call our patients attention to that our price list is only informative. We reserve the right to change the prices due to the additional examinations or treatments needed. You can get more information about the prices and services from our Call Center. Thank you for your understanding.

We would like to call our patients attention to the special discounts may not be combined with another discount or special price.