Sports medicine includes the assessment of the condition necessary for sports, the development of an exercise program, the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of various locomotor complaints related to sports. The sports doctor recommends the intensity, amount, follow-up of movement in chronic diseases in addition to or instead of medication, or for the prevention of diseases in healthy people.

Lifestyle medicine is a new discipline based on scientific evidence that focuses on lifestyle factors, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management in the treatment of chronic diseases. In the treatment, we develop a healthier lifestyle by actively involving patients.

Where can I get this medical specialty?

Disease groups: Blood pressure adjustment, high cholesterol, type II diabetes, overweight treatment with nutrition and exercise therapy, optimization of medication

Examinations: Resting ECG, ABPM (24-hour blood pressure measurement), ABI (ankle-brachial index), body composition analysis, laboratory tests.

Currently, our surgery does not deal with the issuance of sports medicine licenses, but we perform the necessary preliminary examinations.