What does a chest surgeon do?

A chest surgeon is a surgeon who specializes in the surgical care of diseases of the chest and thoracic organs.

In case of what problems should we consult a chest surgeon?

At our clinic we can help those who turn to us to receive the most optimal therapy without the detours, purposefully after the shortest possible examination. In addition to patients with lung cancer, we deal with diseases and surgical care of chest deformities, increased palmar swelling, large respiratory diseases, pleura, and the so-called gator (middle chest area occupied by the oesophagus, heart, trachea, thymus and lymph nodes).

Where can I get this medical specialty?

Common chest surgery problems, examinations

Lung cancer is today the leading form of cancer death. In the past, it mainly affected men, but now it affects women almost equally, and unfortunately it is becoming more common in the younger age group. Healed patients are almost exclusively in the group of patients who have undergone surgery as part of the treatment, so the role of the chest surgeon in the treatment and setting up of the treatment plan is indisputable.

At our clinic, in a calm environment, without external disturbances, we can jointly review the pictorial and written documentation and determine the further necessary examinations, and we can also participate effectively in their organization. If, as a result of the examinations, surgical intervention becomes necessary, we can also ensure its performance.