What does a headache specialist deal with?

Headaches are one of the most common health problems. During their lifetime, about 80 percent of the population experiences recurrent headaches: although most of these are mild, about 12-14% of the population also have severe migraine headaches. Although migraines significantly impair quality of life and also have serious economic implications, less than half of migraine patients seek medical attention; primarily because they believe there is no solution to their headaches. This is not the case: we have many medications to relieve headaches and several methods (medicated and other) to prevent headaches. A headache specialist is a neurologist (i.e. a specialist in diseases of the nervous system) who specializes in the examination and treatment of headaches, i.e. he/she has special knowledge and skills in this subject. This is important because treating migraines and other headaches requires specialized knowledge and extensive experience. In everyday patient care, I come across a lot of cases where patients suffer from headaches for years because their caregivers (doctors, physiotherapists, alternative healers, chiropractors, etc.) have tried to solve their headaches in ineffective or outdated ways (e.g. they originate migraines from cervical circulatory disorders or cervical spine disorders, which has been outdated for 30 years).

With what problems should we contact a headache specialist?

It is a good idea to contact a headache clinic if the headache is an unresolved problem: either because the proper medication has not been set up, or because the headache is too common, too severe, or otherwise unpleasant, or because although the headache can be treated, we want to know more about what causes it.

Course of treatment

Expect a detailed click inquiry and neurological examination at our headache clinic, this is necessary in order to find out the cause of the complaints and to prepare an appropriate (personalized) treatment plan. Incidentally, in 90% of cases, this is achieved at the first visit.

The Acute Headache Clinic is different in that we are primarily waiting for those who have been examined before, the cause of their headache is known, and they need help to treat their existing headache (stronger than usual or unresponsive to medications tried at home).

Acute Migraine and Headache Center

Swiss Medical Services Headache Center is the first headache center in Hungary operating in private healthcare, where internationally recognized specialists deal with the examination and treatment of headache diseases.
From April 2021, we are waiting for our patients with headaches with a new service in the Swiss Premium Health Centers. We are the first in Budapest to open our Acute Migraine and Headache Center, which offers the treatment of headaches that do not respond to standard medications.

It is primarily recommended for those whose pre-existing (migraine or other) headaches are now more severe and who have not responded to the medicines they have taken so far. If your headache is severe and you have not been able to take medication due to accompanying symptoms (e.g. nausea), you should also contact us.