What does a plastic surgeon do?

The two major areas of plastic surgery are aesthetic or cosmetic surgery and reconstructive or restorative surgery, which are, of course, inseparable.

In case of what problems should we consult a plastic surgeon?

Few know that it is possible not only to correct congenital or acquired lesions that are considered aesthetically detrimental, but also to remove moles, lesions that are considered malignant, and perform other minor interventions by a plastic surgeon.

Common plastic surgery interventions

As part of outpatient care, we provide smaller outpatient treatments that require minimal intervention.

We provide an opportunity for consultation for patients before surgery (e.g. tummy tuck, breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast augmentation with implant, breast reconstruction, major post-weight loss surgery, facial plastic surgery, eyelid correction, etc.), or considering postoperative rehabilitation. Our trained specialist provides a wide range of care from the treatment of burns and scars to suture removal.

  • botox (wrinkle treatment, reduction and inhibition of axillary sweating),
  • absorbable fibrous treatment
  • facial shaping with hyaluronic acid
  • lip filling with hyaluronic acid
  • conservative treatment of burns – cream treatments
  • dressing replacement
  • removal of lipomas, atheromas, moles under local anaesthesia