What is family medical care?

Family medical care is the first line of medical care, in which the majority of patients receive final care, a minority are referred for further examinations and only a minimal proportion need to be referred to hospital.

In case of what problems should we consult a family doctor?

The doctor-patient relationship is built on trust, which determines the success of healing work, and trust is built on the doctor’s expertise, credibility and empathy. In addition to treatment in family medical care, emphasis is placed on prevention and the patient’s health education in this direction. Applying all levels of prevention, a good family doctor will show the patient what the patient needs to accomplish in order to maintain their health. Through our family doctor practice without a territorial care obligation, we offer our partners the opportunity to use the services within the jurisdiction of the family doctor for those who voluntarily register to the practice.

The service is provided to patients by Swiss Medical Services Ltd. and its contracted doctors.

Where can I get this medical specialty?