What does the surgeon do?

Surgeons are most often consulted for any surgical assessment of body surface or body cavity lesions that are different from the anatomical situation or that are new, usually causing a complaint. At our clinics, we provide our patients with the opportunity for pre-surgical consultations, and we also perform outpatient surgeries. This type of surgery is only a minor intervention, which is usually performed under local anaesthesia and after the surgery (if necessary after a short observation time) the patient can leave on his/her own feet.

In case of what problems should we consult a surgeon?

At our clinics, our specialists are available for any type of preoperative diagnosis, examination or consultation. We also provide combustion surgery consultation. A proctologist is also available to treat problems in the rectal region.

Common surgical problems, examinations

The most common outpatient surgeries are removal of the mole and skin surface lesions, treatment of the ingrown nail with resection or removal, and abscess excision. Suture removal is also possible after minor surgeries. Biopsies are also performed on the recommendation of a specialist.

Our proctologist performs rectoscopy and ligature of haemorrhoids.