HUF 8.3 billion in revenue

850 large corporations, examining 285,000 employees with 146,000 outpatient visits at our clinics

Our Occupational Healthcare business founded and owned by medical practitioners for 21 years, with significant outpatient clinics.

The 6th largest private healthcare provider in Hungary

Leading Occupational Healthcare service provider in the market

Our mission

  1. Establishing Quality Occupational Healthcare: We prioritize digitized occupational healthcare in large factories, aiming to become trusted suppliers and optimize healthcare delivery through advanced technologies.
  2. Providing Superior Medical Support: We ensure the well-being and productivity of Hungarian and foreign employees through top-tier medical support.
  3. Ensuring Safety and Preventing Health Damage: Our focus is on implementing measures to ensure safe work practices and prevent health damage among employees, fostering a healthy workplace culture.

Our partners


Employee recruitment

Employee recruitment

Safety and first aid training

Storing and monitoring fit-for-work certificates

Annual and periodical fit-for-work examination

BEM/laboratory tests

ECG, hearing, respiratory function tests

Group screenings in dermatology and ophthalmology

Organizing private outpatient care

Partner with us for comprehensive healthcare solutions tailored to your business needs. Together, we can create a healthier and more productive work environment for your employees.