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Recommended dental treatments for pregnant women

2020 04 06

Why is dental examination recommended?

There are two important reasons why you should have a complex dental treatment during the second trimester:

  1. Mineral extraction

It is a common misconception that the teeth of pregnant women are damaged because the baby absorbs the minerals during pregnancy and thus they “run out” of the mother’s teeth. Although substances are really extracted by the developing body, they are easy to replace, and to a large extent only the mineral content of saliva is reduced, which is the main source of tooth re-supplement. A good diet and a few simple treatments can prevent this process. If a dentist detects this mineral loss in time, he can effectively replace materials extracted from teeth. For example, a preparation called Tooth Mousse can be a solution which is a milk protein enriched in minerals that adheres to the tooth surface and constantly replenishes the minerals. But you can protect your teeth with a special mixture of drugs that adhere to the surface of the tooth, so called fissure sealing, which seamlessly protects the tooth surface.

  1. The health of the mother’s gums affects the health of the foetus

There is a special relationship between maternal gums and foetal health. For those who are prone to so-called chronic periodontitis (gingivitis), also known as gum disease, it is observed that the bacteria causing the disease increase the risk of miscarriage. Those, who know themselves to be prone to this disease or tooth tartar formation, maybe their gums bleed very easily, shall regularly attend dental hygiene for their safety and health.

The treatments we recommend:

  • Tartar removal for gum and tooth health
  • Tooth filling without drilling (fissure sealing)
  • Medicinal caries prevention (conservative fissure sealing)
  • Periodontal treatment, gingival strengthening

In February, cleaning of teeth with professional ultrasound is available with a 20% discount for HUF 13,600 instead of HUF 17,000.

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