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Cervical Cancer

2020 02 10

What are the symptoms that may alert you to the presence of cervical cancer?

  • spotting bleeding
  • painful sexual intercourse, even with bleeding (so called contact bleeding)
  • gravy-like discharge with unpleasant smell
  • abdominal cramps

The major risk factor for the development of cervical cancer is the human papillomavirus, or HPV for short. 13 strains of the virus are known to be involved in the development of cervical cancer. In addition, other risk factors play a role, with much less emphasis:

  • if you have other sexually transmitted diseases (such as chlamydia, herpes)
  • smoking
  • active sex life with frequent partner changes
  • recurrent vaginal inflammation
  • permanently weakened immune system, because the body is less able to fight the virus infection

What happens during the screening?

The examination itself takes only a few minutes and is pain-free, moreover, for the majority of women it is found that they are healthy.

  • Gynaecologist looks at the cervix from the vagina and smears the cervical mucosa.
  • The resulting sample is subsequently stained in the laboratory and examined under a microscope.
  • The method is useful not only for detecting tumour cells but also for detecting other diseases such as inflammation or infection.
  • During the physical examination, the doctor touches the uterus with his finger reaching into the vagina with his other hand pressing the surface of the abdomen.
  • If the examining physician feels the need, examines the cervix and the surrounding area with a colposcope, a microscopic magnifier.

The sooner the tumour is discovered, the higher chance of healing and five-year survival as a milestone in tumour therapy is likely. With early discovery, the chance of recovery is almost 100 percent. Request an appointment for a complex gynaecological examination including cytology and vaginal ultrasound!

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