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Hand surgery

What does a hand surgeon deal with?

With hand injuries, illnesses, deformities, complaints. If necessary, they are treated, operated with the help of surgical, traumatological and microsurgical techniques, and supplemented with so-called conservative methods and physiotherapy treatments.

With what problems should we contact our hand surgeon?

Complaints of hands, wrists, elbows formed from previous injuries, strains, or for no reason at all (emphasizing that acute traumatology care is not provided in our institution), deformities, movement disorders, sensory disturbances of fingers and hands.


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Registration, appointments: + 36 1 225 0566

Where can I get this medical specialty?

Common hand surgery problems:

In this case, I think we should write a list in English and in brackets in Latin for easier comprehension: trigger finger (digitus saltans), fingers / hand / wrist cysts, tumours (ganglion, tumour), tunnel syndromes (carpal / Guyon / cubital tunnel), palmar scarring (contractura Dupuytren), tennis elbow (epicondylitis lateralis), golfer’s elbow (epicondylitis medialis), tendonitis (tenosynovitis, Syndroma DeQuervain), nerve injuries (laesio nervi), arthritis, arthrosis, stump complaints after previous amputation.

Examinations required:

physical, x-ray, ultrasound / neural ultrasound, CT, MR

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