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Acute Migraine and Headache Center

Swiss Medical Services Headache Center is the first headache center in Hungary operating in private healthcare, where internationally recognized specialists deal with the examination and treatment of headache diseases.

From April 2021, we are waiting for our patients with headaches with a new service in the Swiss Premium Health Centers. We are the first in Budapest to open our Acute Migraine and Headache Center, which offers immediate treatment of headaches that do not respond to standard medications.

It is primarily recommended for those whose pre-existing (migraine or other) headaches are now more severe and who have not responded to the medications they have taken so far. If your headache is severe and you have not been able to take medication due to accompanying symptoms (e.g. nausea), you should also contact us.

If you have not had a headache before and your present headache started suddenly (i.e. you developed a strong headache from one moment to the next), you may have the possibility of a so-called subarachnoid bleeding. In this case, it is recommended to visit the territorially competent hospital immediately!

If your headache has been causing a complaint for a long time (weeks, months, or even years) and you do not have a strong headache at the moment, but you want to get help with examining and treating your headaches, we recommend that you request an appointment with our Headache Clinic where there is sufficient time for detailed questioning and examination and for the development of a treatment plan.

The process of treating migraines and headaches

After a short (partly questionnaire) interview and an informative medical examination, we give a short infusion treatment for the treatment of migraine. The effect of the treatment is constantly monitored. We recommend that you spend at least another 30 minutes in our office after the treatment.


Treatment is subject to prior application. For more efficient treatment, please arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time: in this 15 minute, we use a short questionnaire to find out if there are any barriers to treatment or if there are any factors that require special care. From the time of arrival, the expected time of stay in our Health Center is 60-75 minutes. We are currently unable to provide inpatient care: if there is no improvement with the treatment used, it may be necessary to see an inpatient facility.

We cannot treat patients with coronavirus.

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